E Pro Ventures. Laboratory, Pilot & Production Scale Process Techniques - Clean Room. Capsules. Dryer. Liquid & Semi Liquid Process Equipment. Milling & Grading. Mixers. Tablet Press. Packaging Materials. Packaging Machinery. Machine Customisation.

E Pro Ventures (M) Sdn Bhd (EPro) is an ISO 9001/2000 certified engineering company with its roots specialising in Engineering Value Added Services (EVAS). With an established factory and office in Klang, i, EPro has expanded its portfolio
with the advent of its Modipro brand as a
Total Solutions Provider in Pharma
Packaging Machines, Machine
Customisation, Packaging Material
Supply, Service &

Modipro proudly carries the distinction as one of the select few in the industry slated to provide fully local machine assembly. This development branches out into an intricate network of benefits for our customers in terms of higher cost-effectiveness, tax exemptions, added value to machines, further customisations & upgrading, consultancy and export services.

Evolving from The Inside Out - Optimising Local Solutions

In tandem with our goals, we are working closely with The Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), the Malaysian government's principal agency for the promotion of the manufacturing and services sectors in Malaysia. MIDA’s support will be an invaluable impetus to the company’s growth and network as this government body is the pinnacle of support for local economic transformation.

Global Outsourcing - Business Without Barriers

With a diverse array of products and services, our business model is fundamentally based upon our ideals in customer-centric
end-to-end business solutions. To accomplish
this, we cross broad horizons for outsourcing
solutions aligned to business goals with the
sole mission of achieving strategic business
objectives. Our global outsourcing facilitates
consolidation of services, sustainability and
enhancement of operational efficiency
across borders. We believe in gleaning
specialized knowledge; optimising and simplifying complex
business processes to offer value-added benefits and potential.

Function Meets Sustainability – Inspired Solutions from Practical Thinking.

As a Malaysian company, we possess an advantage of being a regional hub affording access to worldwide market expertise. For local businesses, our central location is the key to product, operation and service readiness for real-time services and dependability. In simpler terms, we are never out of reach. Skilled personnel are always on hand to resolve or consult as and when necessary. As a local solutions provider, we are the preferred
choice offering a crucial advantage as
which manufacturers
around the world
operate on.